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  1. Thanks @DTLow, @csihilling the remove-reinstall worked. When I try to figure out why this happened, I think it may be when I ran out of memory in the device - (photos, "exploding" messenger apps, autoupdates, maybe even ios update, trying to start evernote repeatedly.) It is kind of logical to squeeze synced material out of local storage in a pinch. An idle question is why it didn't re-sync after I'd cleared some space.
  2. In addition to the two-device limit, there seems to be a limit to the number of notebooks and notes displayed in the (only) ios device I use. I only see two notebooks and three notes. This seems extremely restrictive, and makes it almost impossible to use my ios device effectively. (I need to regularly update more than three notes). Is this intentional or did something happen to my account? Do I need to upgrade from Basic to access all my notes on my single device? If not, can I chamge a setting somewhere or do something to allow me to see all my notes on the iOS dev
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