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  1. Hi @logandb, thanks a lot for your tips!! Especially the GDrive import and waiting for server side OCR was very helpful. The situation is better since I discovered that my old Nexus 7 does the job admirably (faster and without crashing). For smaller stuff the G4+ should be sufficient. I've also remembered that the G4+ camera is supposed to suffer greatly from an overheating issue of the phone - and that bright place where I scanned the documents was also too hot. So even for the phone not all hope is lost.
  2. So in the meantime I've looked into CamScanner. There's one version that costs me 50 USD per year - that's what I thought I had EN for. Then there's a version, the developer of which sounds like the right company, but the address is in Shanghai and it's 60% off. Some bad reviews on the first page. Looks like a scam, not going to buy that either. Also scanned the whole 38 pages with google drive on my phone (super fast, good quality, full-page review directly after taking a shot, reliable edge-detection & crop, easy to correct if it goes wrong), uploaded 20 MB to the cloud, imported as
  3. Hi, I'm new to Evernote, just bought the premium version last week and started scanning the stacks of documents that had accumulated in a year or so. App version is 7.9.6. I'm on a recent Android phone, the Moto G 4 plus, that has a supposedly fantastic camera with laser focus etc.. I'm a hobby photographer and know how to use a camera. I use the brightest spot in the house with indirect sunlight and place the documents on a dark towel. Documents are typically black text on white, Spanish language, flat paper - completely normal stuff I'd say. As long as scanning is working the app p
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