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  1. @gazumped Unfortunately I was hearing the audio from a class earlier in the day. It was not the correct file. I have no idea where the audio for that philosophy class went. @jefito I've checked the temporary files in AppData as well as the Database folder (C:\Users\<User>\Evernote\Databases\Attachments) and interestingly enough, only one recording shows up. Probably because I haven't dared to turn off my computer yet. Thank you both, and everyone else's comments for your help. I've bit the bullet and ordered a voice recorder off Amazon, so I'll be importing audio from now on.
  2. Sorry to drag open an old thread, but I am trying to restore an audio file. Windows 10, I had saved the audio file after lecture ended, but my cursor/text insertion(?) was still inside a table. I tried to drag and drop the audio clip out of the table, but it wouldn't move. It was impossible to highlight, cut, and paste, so I thought maybe i can hit undo, move my cursor, and re-save. My audio recording of the last 54 minutes is now gone. I have to recover it somehow. I cannot find the audio clip. Please help. Edit: I might have found it?!?!!! See image below. But I went to the file location and it was not there. Well at least I might know the temporary location of files now? Edit2: Nevermind, it was for the previous class. Since the file is no longer in that location, but I can still hear the lecture, I literally have no idea where the files are stored. Still holding out hope that that audio file is still on my computer somewhere until shutdown.
  3. Hallelujah. I'm not the only one! Someone please help us T-T
  4. I take notes in my college classes in real time as the instructor is talking. Sometimes I go ahead and prep the next few lines with formatting if I know an information heavy section is coming up. However, when my note exceeds the height of one screen, the note does not auto-scroll down to my last line until I type something. This is very annoying. Enabling and disabling the editing toolbar does not seem to help. Edit: This wasn't an issue until the latest update (
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