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  1. @gazumped Unfortunately I was hearing the audio from a class earlier in the day. It was not the correct file. I have no idea where the audio for that philosophy class went. @jefito I've checked the temporary files in AppData as well as the Database folder (C:\Users\<User>\Evernote\Databases\Attachments) and interestingly enough, only one recording shows up. Probably because I haven't dared to turn off my computer yet. Thank you both, and everyone else's comments for your help. I've bit the bullet and ordered a voice recorder off Amazon, so I'll be importing audio from now on.
  2. Sorry to drag open an old thread, but I am trying to restore an audio file. Windows 10, I had saved the audio file after lecture ended, but my cursor/text insertion(?) was still inside a table. I tried to drag and drop the audio clip out of the table, but it wouldn't move. It was impossible to highlight, cut, and paste, so I thought maybe i can hit undo, move my cursor, and re-save. My audio recording of the last 54 minutes is now gone. I have to recover it somehow. I cannot find the audio clip. Please help. Edit: I might have found it?!?!!! See image below. But I went to the file lo
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