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  1. Has Evernote addressed this memory leak issue yet? I have since tried all suggested fixes - re-indexing my notes, turning off spelling and grammar check, etc. Unfortunately for me, a RAM port on my motherboard is bad, and I'm running on half memory (4 GB). The evernote app consistently takes off in memory usage after minutes of note writing, to the point that it hogs 3.8-3.9 GB of the available 4, leaving my entire system hanging and necessitating force restarts. This issue makes the app unusable - when will it be fixed??
  2. Hi all, I'm running the evernote app v. 6.10 on an older macbook pro running osx 10.11.6. Recently I've been having issues while running evernote concurrently with other apps; my computer slows to a grinding halt. I get massive beachballing and lags while typing in a new note window, which slows every other process running. Checking out activity monitor, and it seems that evernote is using all available memory (3.98 / 4 gb) which seems exorbitant given all my notes are primarily text. I'm not sure if this started with the last update, but it's never been an issue before. Anyone else having this problem, and/or know if there's a fix? Cheers.
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