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  1. The reality is --- i've found ways around the lack of dark theme -- first of all, I use multiple rigs and often four or more monitors in my setup. I will regularly dedicate one monitor to evernote and use it on the lowest brightness / contrast settings so that i can follow my notes and continue my work. The other way I find away around this absurd program is through simply changing the opacity of the program itself -- for instance by using Display Fusion, I take the opacity setting of the window and I set it to say 40% and it would appear like so:
  2. ALTERNATIVES TO EVERNOTE LETS FIND THEM TOGETHER I've been using evernote for A BETTER PART OF A DECADE now, i use it everyday. It helps me keep track of all of my work and research. I'm often up late at night using it on several monitors and i could really use a dark skin. This is my second time posting this here.... Came back after a few years to mention it again.... Maybe i should say this in large print. ORIGNAL POST WAS 4 YEARS AGO, AND STILL NO DARK SKIN ? Really guys.... how is this taking so long? I'm flabbergasted with this corporation now. I've been receiving this email from this particular thread for years. How can the team not notice? This corrupt corporation is so out of touch... I'm starting to lose faith in this software package altogether. I think I'm going to exlore alternatives now. Pencils down, time's up for the greedy evernote failure team. Here's a list of alternatives to EVERNOTE: Trello TaskWorld Tag Spaces turtl workflowy quip process street OneNote Tyto I could go on, but i have work to do... and i just can't take "evenote" with me anymore. The reality of it is that Evernote is just out of date. There are better ways to manage the data in your life. I think it's time for all of us to take the next step on that journey... away from evernote. "It’s about time we ditched the hype and take control of our data. There is life after Evernote. There are many available alternatives, that offer different approaches, all catering for different needs. Whether you are after the super-simple, or the super-customisable, the tech giant’s cloud service or the totally independent, fully privacy-conscious off-line solution, there are choices that allow you to avoid being extorted, and continue being just as productive, as you have always been." - Lets face it team, ya blew it. It's time to lose customers now.
  3. The dark sidebar is so refreshing. After a handful of years of use, I'm just wondering why it's taken so long to implement this feature. I'd rather not hack the .exe to change colors! I'm confused as to why such a successful organization is falling behind so quickly. It's a very minor thing to change the color scheme of this program. I use Evernote daily and I'm disappointed in its inability to adjust the visual presentation. Another disappointment in this program is that it does not link to google calendar natively. This is so weird because it also doesn't have its own calendar. I'd like to use Evernote to not only maintain a repository of past events but I'd also like to plan future events with it more effectively! EVERNOTE is so close to the solution I'm looking for! I hope you guys take this more seriously in 2017, good luck.
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