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  1. For the record, I always (or nearly so) use Evernote in the portrait mode on my Galaxy S7. That is the only mode in which I have seen the problem. I write this after I have responded to Matt W. about using the Evernote Beta -- and it has helped a lot.
  2. Matt W, Thanks for your response. I updated Evernote to the beta version. The problem I described seems better. Let me explain. I typed "Genesis 3:17" -- previously, the colon would have been duplicated or triplicated with an additional colon or number. Also numbers would be duplicated and sometimes an entry would duplicate the first letter of the word -- even though it was several characters prior to the current entry. This time, all went well until I entered the "7" at which time, the "7" replaced the "1." I backspaced and re-entered the "1" and "7" and it worked. Then, I d
  3. Using Samsung Galaxy S7 (SAMSUNG-SM-G9301). In past week, have been getting duplicate key strokes for numbers and characters. If I add a <space>, the problem does not occur. Tried deleting and re-installing Evernote, but problem continues. Using latest version. Not using an external keyboard. Not having any problems with text entry in any other of my Samsung apps. Tried contacting Evernote. Followed the instructions for submitting an Activity Log, but no email address provided for mailing!! Any suggestions?
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