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  1. So the updates in the link didn't work for me but this chat with Fujitsu did. I blame this all on IOS 10. grrrrr Shai: Hello, thank you for contacting Fujitsu Technical Support. How may I help you? Kathryn: I have been using ScanSnap/Evernote for years. A few weeks ago, I noticed that when scanning documents using duplex, only page 1 shows up in Evernote. However, while scanning it shows that all pages front and back are being scanned. Here are the details of my equipment: MacOS 10.12.1 ScanSnap IX500 ScanSnap Manager V 6.3 L60 Evernote 6.10 Kathryn: Here is what I have tried so far: http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/products/computing/peripheral/scanners/scansnap/software/mac-org12l30.html and everything checks: 1. I have all the ScanSnap updates 2. I have ScanSnap Manager V 6.3 L60. 3. I have macOS Sierra 10.12.1. But then it asks me to update ScanSnap Organizer. I tried both versions of the Organizer update and got the message that it can’t be updated Organizer is not installed. I also went through the same thing with ScanSnap Cardminder and got the same message. Shai: What option do you select from the quick menu after scanning? Kathryn: AFTER scanning? Shai: Yes Kathryn: I check Double Edged siding before scanning but I never done anything after. I'm not offered an opportunity Shai: Do you see a quick menu such as Scan to Folder, Scan to Email etc after scanning. Kathryn: No. It's setup to all go to Scan to Evernote which it does but recently it only sends one page although it scans all of them front and back. This all started when I updated to IOS 10 Kathryn: Do you know why I would not have ORGANIZER or CARDMINDER? Shai: Which Evernote do you have selected? Evernote (Document) and Evernote (Note). Shai: Do you have ScanSnap IX500EE (Evernote Edition) model? Kathryn: I can only select one thing on the quick menu which I use to select simplex or duplex. I can only select one thing and if I check Evernote (Document) or Evernote (Note) it unchecks my duplex selection. It does not have the EE on the scanner. Only ix500. Shai: Evernote Document scans the entire batch as one PDF file. Evernote Note scans the entire batch in JPEG format. By nature, JPEG files cannot be multipage. Kathryn: In my Applications, I have a ScanSnap folder and a ScanSnap Evernote Edition folder. The online update is in the ScanSnap folder Shai: Right click or CTRL+click on the ScanSnap Manager on the dock. Go to "Setting". Above Recommended, is Use Quick Menu checked? Kathryn: No. Should it be? Shai: For testing purpose, let's check and click OK. Run a test please. Kathryn: OK so that worked. I had to click on "Scan to Evernote Document". I have to do that everytime? Shai: So Scan to Evernote Document created a multipage file and stored in Evernote, correct? Run another test scan with multiple documents and select Scan to Folder. Rename the file as "Test" and save it to your desktop please. Kathryn: Yes to you question and I've got the test file done Shai: It saved as a multipage file to your desktop? Kathryn: yes Shai: Okay. Right click or CTRL+click on the ScanSnap Manager on the dock. Go to "Setting" and uncheck Use Quick Menu. Shai: Go the Application tab and make sure Scan to Evernot (Document) is selected. Kathryn: OK but then the Profile button popped up and it says "Double sided PDF" whereas before it said "Scan to Evernote (Document)" Kathryn: It does say Scan to Evernote (Document) in the Application tab Shai: Okay, click OK and try scanning and saving to Evernote (Document). Kathryn: It works! Shai: Okay great! Kathryn: Damn you IOS 10. Thank you so much!!
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