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  1. I find that to be ridiculous. In what situation anywhere would someone want a paper printout with this issue?! Why would the on-screen display fit images to the page but not in a printout? It defies logic. All devices these days, phones especially, take photos that are super high resolution; they would never fit on a single paper sheet in the first place, therefore they need automatic resizing. So unless there is a setting or fix within Evernote, no one who adds an image to their note will ever be able to get a hard copy on a single page without a whole slew of extras steps in 3rd party software. Very disappointing...
  2. I have multiple notes with images, but when I try to print them, the span multiple pages. How do I fix this so that evernote will print the image on one page? It doesn't seem to have a hard time displaying the image all on one screen.
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