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  1. DTLow and gazumped, thanks for the suggestions. My default will probably be what gazumped suggested, but I'll confirm that my wife is using the mac app and not the web platform and see if that helps. Cheers for your time on this, and I'll let you know if I turn anything up.
  2. yes. I'll describe the same thing to confirm that we're talking about the same thing - in the upper left hand corner of the note is a notebook symbol which is a drop-down list of all the notebooks, including those that are shared - in my wife's account, inside a note, I can see this list and the shared folder is there but not highlighted. There is a closed lock next to this folder. I assume the lock symbol is referring to the permissions? which as I mentioned I have confirmed for "editing"
  3. yeah, sorry. Should've included that info. She has editing permissions.
  4. My wife and I are basic users. I have shared a notebook with her. She can see notes in it, create new notes, open notes, but she cannot move notes from her other folders into this shared folder. What am I missing?
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