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  1. My wife has been recent the victim of identity theft through phone number porting. Once the number was taken it was used to reset email passwords and steal all information. Please consider bank level 4 digit pin input security at note level and encryption. It will not only be a selling point over other note programs but a UX advantage with peace of mind allowing a greater level of use.
  2. Evernote stores a lot of my life. With a high frequency of data hacks, password theft and other online security issues I have a note solution: i would like the ability to store more. To add notes which require pin access each time they are to be viewed. To store for example a back up of all wallet cards incase of loss, back up of passport, passwords and other secure items. I think many users will value this function.
  3. Hi Evernote, I keep up to 40 pages of text in some of my notes but only want to print the most recent single page. Why do I only have the option of printing every page of the note? Please change this so I can just print say page 1, 5, 9 and 30 of a note containing 40 pages of text. Thank!
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