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  1. I've just discovered this limitation with the new version. This is crazy, backing up all my notes used to be so simple. Now it is practically impossible :(
  2. And just to be clear, my install of Evernote was already on the latest version (7.4), but that still didn't mean that editing PDFs worked without me deleting EN and installing it again. Clearly something not quite right in the update mechanism (for some people's setups at least).
  3. After posting that, it occured to me that I've been relying on the auto update of Evernote versions. So I deleted Evernote and re-downloaded it from the Evernote website. Problem solved, PDFs now update. I guess there was some MacOS permission that needed sorting out with a full re-install. At least this thread might help other people stuck in the same situation... I largely stopped using EN due to this problem, will be good to start using it again after nearly two years.
  4. This has been broken ever since 2016, you can't open a PDF from Evernote in Preview, edit it and save it directly back to Evernote. There was a thread that addressed this: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/101556-changes-made-in-preview-no-longer-copy-back-to-evernote/?tab=comments#comment-439053 The thread got closed by an Evernote employee, claiming the problem was fixed. He linked to another, sort of related thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/103061-unable-to-highlight-or-select-text-within-a-pdf/ Again in that thread it was claimed that the problem was solved. Every new version of Evernote since, I've checked if the bug is fixed, but it never seems to have been. I still can't save PDFs once they've been edited in Preview. Is it just me or has this never been fixed ?
  5. That other thread is a different issue (and the thread is now closed, with a link to a thread that discusses a third separate problem with PDFs on Sierra).
  6. Opening the PDF in Preview is fine as a work around. But are there plans to restore the previous functionality ? Not being able to copy text from PDFs from direct in Evernote is a major regression.
  7. I still have two major issues with PDFs on macOS Sierra: can't edit PDF in Preview without saving copy and replacing the PDF in Evernote (I'm guessing this is some sort of sandboxing related problem, it doesn't appear to be just file permissions and Preview can't save the file even if I try and open it direct from within Preview) can't select text in inline PDFs in Evernote The first one is a very major issue for the way I use Evernote.
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