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  1. Interesting. Now if the concern for the Evernote guys is security and performance, this should NOT be an issue with adoptable storage: https://source.android.com/devices/storage/adoptable.html I quote: " The platform randomly generates an encryption key for each adopted device, and that key is stored on the internal storage of the Android device. This effectively makes the adopted media as secure as internal storage. Keys are associated with adopted devices based on the adopted partition GUID. The adopted device is encrypted using dm-crypt configured with the aes-cbc-essiv:
  2. I have an Android phone (Moto X Play) with adoptable storage on. Despite the fact that adoptable storage is supposed to be transparent (which is far from true, but this is a story for Google), Evernote appeared to use the internal device storage rather than the SD card in the android app details. Presumably because it was installed before activating adoptable storage. In an attempt to free up some device storage, I moved the Evernote app storage to the SD Card. Evernote started giving out random error messages saying it could not access the database location. The only way to recover
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