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  1. HI, I'm very new to using Evernote and I have some questions: I want to use Evernote for a house-building-project. I am the customer for four companies that are involved in building my house. A lot of details must be discussed and I have to decide how these details have to be realised. Most of the details of one company (f.e. the carpenter) influence the work of the other companies. So all companies that are involved have to stay up to date about decisions and have to stay updated about plans. Now the readable communication shall be done via Evernote in the followin
  2. Hi Jefito, thank you very much for your answer. To me evernote seemed to have become a fat and sluggish dinosaur. After posting this question I found FOUR year old postings that complain about this lacking feature! In the meantime I found a workaround: If text has been made colored with the destop you can copy and paste this colored text and if you type on the Smartphone the color stays. But what an uncomfortable workaround. @the-Evernote-developer-Team: almost any texteditor can do colored text and you want to beat microsoft in terms of laziness about ignoring u
  3. Hi, the titel says it all: How can I change the textcolor in the Android-App Evernote? The Windows-Version of Evernote supports Text in different colors. How can I change the textcolor inside the Android-App? I Mean I start a brand-new note with Android-Evernote and after typing the note I want to change the textcolor to red, blue or green etc. best regards Stefan
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