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  1. Confirmed. This version prints blank notes or notes with only a picture in it. Confirmed. The program prints out blank paper with no content or the occasional picture.
  2. Just testing this version on Chrome and Firefox. On Chrome, I cannot see the Chat icon. In Firefox, all of the icons are present. Early days. It would be helpful if the web version looked the same on Firefox and Chrome.
  3. I was surprised to read this morning a new general release was out for public consumption. I would propose a different game plan for the next round of beta testing a) post an announcement about what bugs and enhancements will be addressed in the next beta. b) post the beta identifying what the subset list of bugs and or enhancement are addressed in the beta release c) set a timeline for feedback and resolution of the bugs d) repeat b and c until all of the bugs are addressed e) do a final test release to confirm all bugs identified in this round of beta test are addressed f) then release the updated version for public use. My experience so far is that we don't have a beta testing structure that is clear and well defined. A structure is important to ensure everyone knows how his or her time, energy and wisdom will be used to build a better product. Jerry
  4. Installed and testing. Thank you.
  5. I just spent some reading through reviews of Evernote and comments by users on other forums. Overall, some people are happy. Other are really, really unhappy. I struck by the number of comments about features that no longer work (maps), "buggy betas" and releases that "don't offer anything new". I even read an entire thread where the users believe the company is soon to be sold. I am a big fan of the product. However, in the last year, I cannot make sense of the direction. The release of spaces is exciting, yet, no real timeline for the general public use. The Windows product is less than stable and then I see growing frustration in external forums and this forum about the lack of clear direction and response to issues. Communication is vital in this world. I would encourage the Evernote Team to think very carefully about the following. a) If you are going to ask people to beta test something, then don't release a beta full of new features and then break the old ones. I have read this complaint over and over again in the last year. Please, listen to the people who are trying to give you good advice. c) When betas are posted, release a full list of the fixes and what is still pending. Each bug should have a tracking number and the fix should include the bug number and what was fixed. d) Get us to a rock solid, bug-free version quickly. The general public deserves to see the power of this product. Not being left to figure what works and does not work everytime they move to an updated version. I was amazed how poorly drag and drop worked and how many comments I read about people having their workflow process broken. Please, stop breaking core features that impact workflow. e) Make a decision. Either take the advice of people in the forum or simply close it. It's not fair to ask to ask for advice, then go off in a new direction and disregard the advice. If you are not going to use the advice, then tell people right up front. They can then determine how to best spend their time and if they want to support the product through the development stage. It has been a long year. I've learned and read a lot in the year. One thing I can say with confidence. Our beta testing program is broken. I want to see this great product survive and thrive. Please, fix the beta testing process and listen to your customers.
  6. I am still getting the same banner. It appears at random times.
  7. Confirmed, the Notebooks view is not working. That was one feature I did like in the last beta. Will it be coming back?
  8. Does anyone know if installing Windows 10 2018 April 2018 update breaks items in the Evernote Beta 2 version or if it breaks anything in the previous version of Windows 10? I am trying to avoid anything that would break Evernote at this time. Thank you.
  9. Running this current beta and I have found a few problems worth nothing. 1. When you click on notebooks, the program hangs before the full list of Notebooks appears. If I change the left panel to the dark theme, it is a little faster. Still, the lag noticeable. 2. Changing the font setting in the program is a challenge. You can change the setting. However, I had to restart the program, try other fonts before the select font was working. Overall, the program runs. I suspect with some additional code corrections, the overall program could run much quicker. Jerry
  10. Testing this new beta. My concern is the new Notes and notebooks view. Everything looks ok, until you try to open up a note. No matter how I try to open the note, I get a default new note. Is there a solution to this problem.
  11. Confirmed. When you select a notebook, the notebook opens with a short delay. However, when I click on "Notebooks" to return the view, the program hangs. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next beta.
  12. I continue to get ads for Evernote for Business. While I think Evernote for Business is a helpful product, a single user is in for a surprise if they use it. I think promoting Evernote for Business - free trial - is not an appropriate pop up in the Evernote single user's space. Can this pop be blocked or stopped? If people want to get involved in Evernote Business, they should know all the rules before they sign up. One of the biggest keys is that if buy Evernote business, they are looking a multiple users not a single user situation. Quote - Your Evernote Business account must have a minimum of 2 seats. All the details are here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313968 P.S. I would encourage a review of all "pop up" messages about product sales to ensure they are the right pop up for the user.
  13. The editor is still very hard to manage. The *tab command for a bullet list does not work. It so slow to edit or create a note in. I can hear my typing and watch for the editor to catch up I've tried things with the Automatically format text elements off, on and off. Still no real improvement Not sure what is happening with the editor. It is frustrating.
  14. Is it possible to allow the user to determine the size of the side panel? That would be helpful.
  15. I am following the comments here about the Windows product development. I understand work is in progress to make the Windows product better and to support changes to the Evernote Business Edition. Was the drag and drop PDF feature fixed in this release? Is there a stable version coming in the near future will all existing bugs listed and corrected? I think it is important to have a stable product and limit the beta cycle to something that is carefully thought out. A good round of bug fixes is badly needed right now.
  16. I ran an information session for a group of Evernote Users yesterday. My mistake is I used the Windows beta. There is something clearly wrong. When typing a note, the program is slow and non responsive. When clicking on a note, slow opening. Drag and drop is very hit and miss. Finally, the overall performance is significantly slower. And the tables presentation raises questions because their is a visible lag as it tries to resize to the window. In keeping with the comments from Noteworthy above, this version is no were near ready for release. Can we have a real timeline on the next beta that addresses all of the questions raised and returns Evernote for Windows back to a fast performing application? Thank you.
  17. I am currently running this beta on Windows 10, 64 bit. I am experiencing the program is slow, lagging and not responsive. I understand this is a beta, however, there is something wrong with the overall performance. Is there a timeline for the release version.
  18. I am now running the new beta. I recognize it is a beta there I understand why it crashes and also runs slow at times. Will there a stable feature in the near future with many of the identified bug fixes addressed. Also, as mentioned above, can the left hand margin be eliminated. It is poor use of space when building notes.
  19. Evernote The underline feature appears as a strike out when the note is printed.
  20. I used the Beta for the last week. It ran "ok" however, some of the print functions were problematic. The underline looked like a cross out in text and the tables, while interesting, don't print as they are built. Overall, I reverted back to the production version of the software. I understand this is a beta. My suggestion, focus on using H1, H2, etc coding for headers in the text. Jerry
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