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  1. On 9/2/2015 at 6:44 AM, DvirG said:

    Is there any feedback on that request?

    It seems that we're losing grounds on this reason.


    Is it in Evernote's roadmap?

    I am curious if this feature will be incorporated in the Evernote product.  It would be very helpful when working with groups during conversations and brainstorming sessions.

  2. 23 hours ago, fredhammersmith said:

    Please...  make this software run instead of crawling...

    This is all I ask from now on. The features are already there.

    Curious.  My version is running about the same speed.  How slow is your version running.

  3. I just noticed my Chat font is rendering an 8 point which is very small.  Is there a way to control the font size in chat?

    I can confirm something is not correct with pulling in templates and then putting them in your personal directory.  As noted, you have to leave the note and come back.

    Images work best it put in a table.  However, adding a table to add an image is a set of steps that I would like to avoid.



  4. An observation.

    The Evernote Branding message went out this week.  So far, when I visit sites and look at the reviews, I see people expressing some real disappointment.  No one is saying branding is bad.  However, the real concern is the continued stripping away of features coupled with more and more limitations.  Here in the beta form, I continue to see the concern about old bugs that have not been addressed.

    Is there a beta program that will generate solid fixes for the Windows product in the next three month period?

    I would like to see some positive comments about the product that indicates

    a) Past chronic bugs are fixed!

    b) Features that people really need to be addressed ( I am confused about the spell check)

    c) Core features improved (e.g., added notebook size for premium customers). 

    Evernote is a product that is important in my work. 

    The negative press, it is really getting hard to take.


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  5. I continue to receive a message when Evernote opens that it crashed on the last close.  A window appears asking me to send the data to technical support.  I consider this problem serious given this is a public release - not a beta for testing.  

    Will a solution set be put in place shortly?  This is a show stopper in my opinion when people are using the Official Windows version.


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  6. On 7/24/2018 at 11:44 AM, Chantal Leonard said:

    we're taking a look. can you give me a sense for what you're seeing on your end?

    Can you let us know of a fix date for the printing?  This is a bit of surprise bug for the program.  

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  7. On 7/24/2018 at 9:10 PM, Don Dz said:

    On the reported printing problems, I was getting blank pages until I turned off the computer completely, then back on.  It is now printing fine. 

    On what I reported about title issues, it now behaves somewhat differently (putting the cursor to the beginning of the title more often than before, rather than not appearing at all, but not always).  Rest is as reported.

    Also, before I could not see what the new Notebooks feature was until turning off the computer also.

    Not sure why all of these issues changed from turning off the computer (rather than just rebooting, which I did do).  Possible connection with Windows update, I think.


    Cannot confirm.  I have turned off the machine, done a restart.  It is still printing blank pages.

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