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  1. Those changes did not help me. In my hyphenized example above the fact that the keystroke after the hyphen placed another 'b' in front of the word, 5 characters away, leads me to believe this is not a keyboard issue at all. In my $5 example, the keystroke after the $ may be placing another $ in front of the first, not after the first.
  2. Not to pile on here, but I started having the same problem with in the last week. It affects my Galaxy S6 only, and android Evernote only. What I noticed is that typing a symbol will result in the next key stroke duplicating that symbol. Typing $5 results in $$...hitting 5 again results in $$5. If I try to type a hyphenated word like bone-in, as soon as I type the 'i' the result is bbone- and then I can complete the 'in' and end up with bbone-in. It acts like auto-correct but I have that turned off. Please help.
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