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  1. It doesnt' make sense that we should have to buy a separate app to do something that Evernote should already do! Please add this essential feature.
  2. The trash notebook already is a staging post - it has the excellent 'restore' feature which allows us to reinstate a note to its original notebook if we should need it again. I have learned through hard experience that premature use of 'permanent deletion' can be disastrous. For that reason, I have a rule whereby I never delete a note unless I haven't used it for at least 6 months. I really would appreciate the ability to pull out a subset of notes that haven't been updated for 6 months so I can verify before I permanently delete them. OK, there are workarounds but why should we need to use them? At a technical level it would take a very small amount of programming time to implement a trash-specific search feature and it would make a HUGE difference to the way we work. Please, spend a little time including the code for a trash - specific search feature!
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