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  1. Thank you. This thread is generally for Dark Mode.. I'm asking for windows specifically.
  2. Please give it to us too. We are a part of the community too and we feel left out.
  3. Has anyone else faced issues with pixelbook hyperlinks and checkboxes not being clickable in Evernote?
  4. These issues still persist. I hope someone will address these so the full functionality of the Tables maybe enjoyed. My workaround for highlighting text with a background cell color is to actually create a table in MS Office and then copy it to paste it in Evernote which kills the tables functionality for me in Evernote.
  5. Hi Guys So another workaround is deleting the local database on your computer and it has fixed the problem, even with the new version for a few users. Thought I'd just share that here too =)
  6. Thanks for the prompt response and giving us hope @Austin G
  7. There have been an increasing number of complaints ( via Directly) on the font reverting back to a size 9. Nothing seems to be helping. Could someone @Austin G please respond here so we know if there's a fix on the way. Thanks
  8. Thanks @DTLow I accidentally posted it here. My intention was to post it on thw feature request forum.
  9. Hi. I'm an ECL, posting on behalf of another user. (Copy/pasting what he suggested). You have a nice euristic that auto adds todo-checkboxes in the new lines right after or within todo block. Please add a check that the new line does not start with a checkbox already. It may happen if you reformat your checkbox block with copy-and-paster after paste and line split. I wonder if others would agree to this idea. Anyway. I promised him I'd post it here. So I did =)
  10. Another user complained about it too...I wonder if there's any solution to that. I personally can't produce this on my windows, android or ios platform. I'm wondering if a reinstall would fix it. Have you tried it ? @Ipcress
  11. until
    For the first time ever in the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, an invited speaker, and the only female Evernote Community Leader in Saudi Arabia will present an introduction and an overview of one of the best productivity apps; Evernote, to those attending the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers (KSAALT) professional development event. Please join us on April 15, 2017 at the Inspire International Academy for Girls, Downtown Khobar, Prince Humud and 4th St. RSVP: KSAALT President
  12. Thanks for posting it here @Ray Sidney-Smith.
  13. Maybe you need to check your default photo setting. Perhaps it's set to photo instead of document??
  14. It'll be great to have this feature once again in our Evernote apps.
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