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  1. Thank you - that solved two issues in one fix: I can now switch between open windows on macOS, and when replacing a search I can now press CMD-A to select the existing text. These two are huge wins - thank you.
  2. I figured as much - thank you for giving me the opportunity to rant
  3. I take your point - it's difficult to keep up with user demands and sometimes new features take a while to 'find their feet' and work with reassuring certainty. Still, I'm not criticising the implementation of any new features. I'm questionning the decision to forego the most basic functionality: The reason people adopt a notes application in the first place. You mentioned users complainning that their notes used different fonts on different platforms. I don't mind about that at all. For me, that's not a basic functionality issue, it's a poor implementation issue. If the app is capable of
  4. Why is this even a conversation? Being able to switch between open windows in an application using the keyboard is such a basic feature. It's astonishing that it even needs to be requested. The only way to switch between open windows in the macOS Evernote desktop app that I can find is by clicking the Window menu with a mouse, or using the macOS show all windows feature. This is basic functionality for a modern application. Why is it missing?
  5. I'm just posting this here in case the Evernote dev team sees these posts. Just for reference, I'm using the most up to date versions at the time of writing, on macOS and iOS - but the issue I'm highlighting has been going on for a long time. I've been an Evernote user for ten years and have recommended this application to everyone. I basically 'live' in Everynote. The application is pretty much open all day, every day, and I manage everything through it, and my calendar. I've noticed in the recent period of time that the basic functionality - writing, organising, and accesing notes
  6. It's simply crazy that this kind of link conversion takes place. I presume many users just want to store information in their notes. I can understand this being a worthwhile option users can enable but to make it the default - and not something that can be disabled - is bonkers.
  7. I'm a long time dedicated Evernote for Mac OS and iOS user. I 'live' in Evernote, and without it i would have to work hard to transfer my professional and personal organisational system to another platform. Having made that endorsement, I have a bugbear: The server-side, and multi-platform syncing needs some work. 1. When opening a note on the desktop app, the app makes the me wait until the server has finished syncing before the contents are displayed, even if the note is stored offline. This happens on the iOS version too. It would be better if offline notes were immediately visibl
  8. When deleting a note, the Undo operation should restore the note.
  9. Yes, as I mentioned, quitting Evernote, disconnecting the internet altogether, and restarting Evernote usually fixes the problem. However, this wouldn't be necessary if the application displayed the existing stored offline version of notes before, and while syncing. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. I use Evernote offline often, both on Mac OS and on iOS. I have Evernote set to store all notes offline. When a note, it seems Evernote syncs the note before displaying it. If I'm connected to a fast stable internet connection, or if I an fully offline, the note opens quickly. However, if I am on a poor internet connection - as I am now, for example, in the air on a flight with wifi - the note appears empty for quite some time, even if I know it has a great deal of text in it. Occasionally Evernote will fail to display the contents at all. To me, this suggests the offline note functi
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