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  1. Thanks to @gazumped and @Dave-in-Decatur. I will look at an alternative keyboard as you suggest. But I hate doing it in practice and in principle! The principle is that App suppliers (not just Evernote) should be far less casual about quality of upgrades. My phone is one of the most popular in the world, yet its standard keyboard doesn't work! It's like buying oil for a VW car engine - when an engine oil spec changes and doesn't suit the engine, the proposed solution is to change the engine! Sorry for the minor rant! Otherwise I really like Evernote (I even pay for it!) and it's a pity they've let themselves down here, in my view.
  2. Hi @Matt W. Here's a hint that might help solve it: the problem seems to happen predominantly (maybe always??) after RETURNING from of the symbol ('Sym') page of the keyboard. I can't get it to happen now BEFORE using the 'sym' page in any new note. But, this is urgent. I've stopped using evernote now, it's impossible to work with.
  3. Thanks. It can't be the Samsung Keyboard at fault. It was working ok with Evernote up to two weeks ago (or so) and the keyboard still works okay with other apps. Frank
  4. I'm having the same nuisance problem since last week. Very disabling! Some typed characters are doubled and overwrite the following character eg ((oubled) was typed correctly! should be (doubled). Im using Samsung Galaxy S6, with latest version. I have uinstalled and reinstalled, but still the same!!!
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