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  1. Leave it to this crew to argue semantics about a positive article lol.
  2. Have you look at Omnifocus? It's pretty much the Big Kahuna in terms of task managers, and it has relaxed some of its opinions of how things should work in version 3.
  3. @jefito that was it. Much like the Windows app, the Mac app ignored it as well. Thanks for the help.
  4. I have a note that the the title is not being found via search. If I search anything from the body of the note, it's not a problem to show up, just the title. The first image shows the note existing in the browser, the second image is searching the title, the third image is doing the same search on the Mac Client (where it appears via search). Using Safari Version 12.1.1 (14607. Image 1: Image 2: Image 3:
  5. It would be a real bummer if they didn’t. But I suppose in pursuit of unifying code across operating systems it may move further down the priority list.
  6. I really enjoy that the notebook the note is in is always visible now. I clicked there to try and move the notebook. When it opened up the whole notebook in the sidebar it made sense that that was the behavior displayed, however I am used to opening the the move note dialogue on the Mac app. That's more intuitive to me, anyone else feel this same way?
  7. That stinks 🙁 I seem to be doing alright with my clipper on Safari (except for bookmarks sometimes).
  8. @jefito I did, two posts above yours. The first four posts of this thread don't try and understand the problem, they just offer suggestions. And it was passive-aggressive, from all sides. Why even respond to this post originally? I was simply shedding light on my view and feeling of the posts I see in these forums. Even DTLows post above yours says he doesn't try to understand the problem, he jus stays "Perhaps the OP has an interest in opinions on the alternatives, and ways to migrate..." but he never asked that. Again, not understanding the problem, just offering solutions.
  9. And that's great, and this post isn't a problem solving post from the start. But you're literally the first person on this post responding. You give factual information about the forums, but your help with exporting the notes is Now maybe I'm a crazy millennial, but help doesn't start with your opinion. Who cares if you haven't found a better service? And easy is relative to what you know about the service right? I've read a ton of your posts, and I appreciate your knowledge about this product. I have learned a lot and have been inspired by you, but to be quite frank, the way you give help comes off pretty condescending sometimes. And as I said earlier, without regular company interaction here, you are the de facto customer service rep.
  10. You know the problem is that for so many people who visit this forum, the LVL 5's (whose posts are highlighted and are important right?) are the ones representing the company because there really seems to be no interaction from the company to its forum users. Now that's fine, but like it or not, in a way they become de facto customer support, which is probably why some people say you should probably think of the common man. When someone who appears to be relatively new comes in here posting with a problem they get jumped on by some frequent posters with "there is nothing better than Evernote." It's very similar to the famous "you're holding it wrong" iPhone antenna fiasco. Maybe we can all just listen more and whine less, I mean we're all grown adults right?
  11. I guess my specific case is using templates now for tracking a new teacher's process through a mentoring program over 3 months or so. I can just drop in a template with multiple tables formatted just right. I also keep student notes in there so if I search for their name I get a bunch of related notes. I'm adopting a one note per task system like @DTLow but I'm not managing it in Evernote, but rather Trello (since a note is attached to a specific card). I create a notebook for testing season so I have all of the manuals and accommodations for students just one saved search away. Are these specific? I don't really know, but they are to me lol.
  12. I still get tricked by this. I don't understand this choice. As for the icon, I think it looks great, so I'll be the opposing view lol. An option would be nice though, it's all the rage.
  13. I tried TSW as well and it seemed so much work to just remember all the tags and moving parts. It was hard for me to visualize the moving parts in the tags and notebooks. I use Trello with the Evernote power up which allows me to attach notes to those cards. I can then prioritize cards into lists and move them a little more dynamically for my brain.
  14. Is that because you weren't allowed to or the culture just wasn't there for that? Whatever the reason, I think it's good you all are starting to be more public. It helps us to realize that people work on Evernote and it's not just the big green elephant.
  15. If you're an Apple family user, "Just Press Record" is probably the best way to do this outside of the built in voice to text feature. You'll get a transcript and a recording if you'd like. Then you can share that over to Evernote. I know it's another step, which stinks, but it is a great service in that ecosystem. Really great on the Apple Watch because it is even more always with me.
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