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  1. Gentlemen, you both have my deepest thanks! csihilling your suggestion was spot on perfect - it worked!!!!! DTLow, as per csihilling's advice, in order to do what I wish to do one must: 1) Highlight however many notes you wish to print 2) Choose "print to pdf" 3) Under "options" you choose to include tags Worked like a CHARM!!! Thank you both again!
  2. I have Windows 10 on a Dell computer, not Mac. Yes, I wish to get the "metadata" to transfer over to Word. Right now only the body of the note transfers and that's not enough to be useful. I looked over your (very thorough) solution and I thank you, but you are vastly better than I with computers. For me "click here" is about as much as I'm capable of. +)
  3. You mention Merging and Transfering to Word What benefit does Word provide in printing? I'd like to bring it to Staples and have them print it out instead of doing it from hom. Thank you for your reply!
  4. When I print a note out, I like to list its 1) Title 2) Notebook it belongs to 3) Tags 4) Body of note As I am writing a book I would like to be able to merge a good number of note, bearing all the above information, and transfer them to a Word document so I can bring it to Staples and have it printed out. As it stands now, only the BODY of the note is transferred, it leaves off all other information. Is this possible? Or is there a way I can transfer the Evernote output (with all the above attributes) to a memory stick to have the printed out?
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