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  1. Thanks everyone for the assistance. I have since solved the problem and have the latest version. Cheers! John
  2. I feel as though this is a ridiculously simple question, but I cannot find a simple answer. I am trying to use keyboard shortcuts on Evernote for basic word processing/ document typing, writing. I am used to using Command + k as a way to call up a box for entering a hyperlink, but it is not working. I attribute this to the fact that I may not have the latest version of Evernote installed. I've searched everywhere for a clear answer as to how I can either 1) check which version I am using and/or 2) update to the most recent version (I am a paid user). Can one not install the latest version via using the web version, does it have to be a native app on the desktop (?), or am I completely doing this wrong? Thanks for any help.
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