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  1. I love the new beta, but there are 3 features I would love to see implemented: 1- Ability to update the Created and Updated dates, just like in Desktop version. This is useful when migrating notes from other services. 2- Play audio notes within the note, instead of opening in a new tab or downloading the file. 3- Notebook search. I want to search a notebook, i.e. exclude all notes that do not belong to a specific notebook. This feature exists in Desktop and current web version. Also, THANK YOU for bringing the new tables format! Thanks!
  2. There is no decent Evernote client for linux. All of them fail, none of them implements all features and tend to have lots of bugs. The only decent client is Evernote Web.
  3. I came here to support @antoni4040's comments. The linux community needs a native app. NixNote (previously known as Nevernote) is just too ugly. Evernote could be the go to app for all developers without a question, if you guys only built a native client. Please!
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