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  1. great stuff. Thanks for sharing this link!! It's shocking how evernote disappoints the users by taking away things they are used to for years, instead of offering options. The one and only good thing is that there are now major issues switching back to an older version ... but the entire thing (making things worse) is kinda sick and disappointing ... it is almost a great example for "how to NOT make things..." :-/ - sorry for my subjective negative attitude -
  2. too sad. the new evernote blew me away ... for a few seconds, but at the end nothing way better than the beta version. imo Evernote has never been sexy, but functional ... like tagging notes, cross-platform availability and offline (killer feature comparing to all other software in this area). basic things were always missing (like different highlighting colour, choosing which picture should be the thumbnail, adding table rows on iOS, multi-level folder etc.). but now, jumping from note to note has become slow. i even wonder if the offline availability disappeared. Dear Evernote-Team, please never force the user to go to the new version and keep this version above supported as long as possible. I am pretty sure you don't need my few dollars, but please try to remain good and better.
  3. that's is really bad 😞 Thanks for the link. I voted for it.
  4. most of my note have a pic at the top of each note. since snippet view shows it in the list, it is actually a very nice feature and helps me to find my notes faster. in most cases as soon as i add any other picture in that note (e.g. a screenshot) the snippet view pic will be replaced and i havnt found out yet what is driving this (it is not the format, it is not the order of the pics in the notes). It would be awesome if my note topic picture would remain instead of mostly the new added one. it would be even better, if I could decide myself by right clicking on a pic in each note and say "use this pic as snippet view pic".
  5. If I color one cells in a table (in this case green) for a few days, edit the cells and tray to change the color to white after one week, all letters stay green.
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