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  1. Such arrogance you have. Have you been appointed EN's official spokesperson? How about you let EN respond to this? They may be able to explain why it takes over 4 years of requests to provide one of the most basic features of a text editor and not even have it considered it for this BETA release. What a joke. If my latest message gets under your skin, then quite frankly, I don't care. I'll decide whether or not my messages are pointless or not.
  2. So when will Find and Replace be available for Mac? It's been over 4 years of countless requests. For the love of Pete - is this so difficult to implement? I think not. To paraphrase a quote from another user on this thread - Can you just add to your help pages a page that says "No Mac users, we are never ever at any time going to allow you to Find and Replace like we provide on the PC platform, so stop asking. It is never going to happen."
  3. Don't hold your breath. After 4 years, you would think that this 'easy to implement' functionality would be available for Mac users. Worst support team ever!
  4. It's simple - deductive reasoning. The very fact that you would imply EN publishing a decision 'they clearly made' on this issue in a public forum would be preposterous. This statement shows you are trivializing the context of what is being discussed regarding the request. What is "true" is that it doesn't take years to implement such a trivial request. Now, you may or may not be a Software Engineer. I don't know; but I am. I have been developing software for over 25 years in a number of capacities: Computer Scientist, Mathematics Programming / Cryptologist, and Data Scientist. Anyone with the most basic understanding of software development knows that Find/Replace is not some type of esoteric feature that doesn't already exist in nearly every text editor developed since the 70's. You use the term "cost-effective projects". This request "is not a project". It is a simple task request that can be accomplished by any one of their developers. Does their VCS not support branching for bug fixes?!?!? It's possible that Evernote is attempting to set some type of world record for the only text editor in modern times to not include what would take at most several days to implement. As I've said before, I'll give them a week for full unit testing. What makes this more of a joke is that I have to assume their IDE has Find/Replace!!!! Good enough for them, but not good enough for their Mac user base. Not sure here, arrogance or incompetency? What I have learned about the company is that they have a clear mission and that is to continue efforts on merchandising, data collection, and investing in pet projects that does nothing to improve the quality of their native client. Developing quality / cross-platform code that meets the demands of an enterprise level cloud-based service appears to be beyond their capabilities. Else, it would have been done so years ago and a saved themselves this embarrassment. What's more saddening is their choice of Anirban Kundu as their new CTO (replacing Dave Engberg). While a distinguished and ambitious engineer, he hasn't demonstrated a willingness to fully understand that if Evernote wants to remain relevant in today's cloud-based market, he needs to dedicate resources to improving (or in this case, finishing) core features of what should be a broad cross-platform compatibility in their native client. Unfortunately, he has tunnel vision on his pet project (cross-sell and up-sell recommendations using machine learning) and continues to invest a disproportionate amount of resources to it instead of making efforts in improving the quality, performance, and cross-platform capabilities of the native client. Again, a wonderful initiative to introduce A.I. functionality into Evernote, However, in the meantime, dedicate resources to fix the outstanding issues with your native. What good is this new functionality if the client is a mess? One has to wonder, does EN have a business model or is this a college campus full of academics running the show!
  5. Unfortunately Evernote has no intentions on implementing this trivial feature. Evernote's management and development team has made a conscious decision to ignore what has been years of requests in two different forums and attempts to contact them directly. Without competition, EN is free to ignore its customer base and make no effort on producing cross-platform quality code. OneNote does bring with it a much more advanced editor with features that Evernote would never be able to produce; however, it too does not have Find and Replace (at least this was my experience on the Mac version of OneNote). I thought of switching to OneNote, however, in my opinion it would be a wash. My primary drivers are a MacBook Pro and a Linux Mint workstation. Evernote is simply too small of a company to take on the demands of a true enterprise organization. Until we see more competition in this niche market, I believe this will continue to remain status quo.
  6. Ditto. I finally cancelled my Premium Membership as did my Son. This company doesn't deserve a dime for its foolishness and complete incompetency in not implementing what is a trivial coding task and part of any text processing application. Every upvote for this feature since 2013 has fallen on deaf ears. What Evernote fails to understand is that to remain relevant in today's cloud-based market, it is essential to have broad cross-platform compatibility with a native client. And yes, this includes Linux! If Evernote put more of an emphasis on the quality and compatibility of their code base rather than their merchandising and collecting data, we would see better things coming out of Redwood City, CA.
  7. The excuse I am referring to is your constant mention of the 'common editor' and the time and effort they put into it. Implementing Find/Replace is trivial, easy, simple, straightforward, etc. If they were truly looking at cost / benefit, they would have knocked this out of the park long ago and saved a lot of frustrations that are clearly documented in this thread. You are correct, this is not a democratic process and EN does have exclusive power to introduce or ignore feature requests. What EN has to understand is that they are no longer the only player in market now. Users now have the option to abandon EN for something like OneNote (what I consider the two leaders in this niche market). I express once again that there are pros and cons to each product. To ignore such a trivial request may be at their own peril. Implementing features that user's are not asking for (Mac v6.11 / Beta 1), reckless and incompetent. Purposely ignore a segment of your user base, other companies will seize on this opportunity. I truly want EN to succeed. There are many great features in the product. Plus, (although not specifically an EN feature), I love the fact that I can run a third party EN client (NixNote) on my Linux machines. Unfortunately, their decision making process (which is an absolute mystery) is a true embarrassment.
  8. Although Find and Replace hasn't made it to Mac 6.11 / Beta 1, the update (and the link to the release notes) is much appreciated. This is valuable information that will allow me to decide on a product that best coincides with my use case (which as of today, I've already made that decision).
  9. At this point, there are no more excuses that EN can provide that holds water. Their development / management team has obviously made a conscious decision that they have no intent on improving their product on the Mac platform. As I've previously mentioned in this insane thread, anyone with a development background knows what little effort it would take to code this feature. How do I know, I've been developing software for 25 years! Although Objective-C is not my first language of choice, it is very straightforward once you get past some of its idiosyncrasies. I used it years ago when developing on NeXTSTEP and now for Mac applications. My primary platform to develop for is Linux, however I've written enough Mac applications to know what this effort would take. To say that this is a trivial coding effort is an understatement. With regards to their efforts in developing a 'common editor', it's been out far too long to use it as an excuse now. The fact still remains that while the development team reads these threads, they have made a conscious decision to ignore it. One can only remain curious on how much Microsoft is paying EN to ignore feature requests for Mac! Several weeks back, I imported my EN notes into OneNote (using the OneNote Importer). By no means am I suggesting that OneNote is better or worse than Evernote. While both are leaders in note-taking software, they both have their pros and cons. For example, the EN Web Clipper is far superior to OneNote's implementation. For me (Software Engineer / Data Scientist / Mathematics Programmer) and my Son (Chemist), OneNote provides us both with sharing, draw / annotations with our Wacom tablets, and for me, a great equation editor. I feel I need to emphasize that we both consider EN / OneNote as note-taking software - a nice platform to store all of documentation. By no means am I publishing an analysis or documenting a mathematics paper in EN / OneNote, that's where LaTeX (TeXstudio), Pages, RStudio, etc. come in to play. In the end, if EN doesn't get their act together, they will out two Premium members. Given the number of posts for this feature on the Mac, I doubt they really care. For those who know me, I avoid Microsoft products like the plague; however, MS are working diligently in making OneNote a fierce competitor to EN, In my opinion, MS is winning. I would be interested in anyone's opinion on EN vs. OneNote. I realize that it is outside the scope of this thread, however, EN has not been showing any type of effort towards improving their product on the Mac platform.
  10. What I've found is that Evernote "does" read these comments. Unfortunately, they have been ignoring them for nearly 3 years. I refuse to call Find/Replace a "feature request". This is core functionality found in any editor and an oversight on Evernote's part for their Mac implementation. 3 years and no response from Evernote's development team on what is no more than a few day's worth of development and unit testing - what an embarrassment.
  11. Close minded? Hi pot, meet kettle. In all of your posts, you seem to be compelled to defend Evernote's decision to ignore the vast number of Mac users who are making this request based on the fact that "your" particular user case works for you. And I'm closed minded? It's great that the product works for you, but this thread, along with others, disagree with you. Are you a developer / software engineer? If so, you might open your thought process to understand the frustration I and others are having with Evernote's oversight in not implementing for Mac what should be core functionality of any editor. As I've mentioned before, this would take no longer than a week to implement. Even if their unit testing takes a full week, there is no excuse to not implement such low-hanging fruit that has been requested for years. You should realize that Find/Replace is not some type of extravagant feature that is being requested by the EN development team to implement. I would understand that if I submitted a request to include LaTeX capabilities to create dynamic articles within a note, that it would be thrown out! And I would hope they would. But to ignore years worth of requests for what is an oversight by the EN development team in implementing core functionality of an editor, I too don't know why. Either way, it is an embarrassment to their organization. Finally, my support ticket has actually shown what EN thinks about their user community - absolutely nothing. Actually, I need to correct myself, they don't ignore "you" and that's what really counts. As I mentioned in my reply to them, possibly one of the most lame excuses by an organization for refusing to keep their user community updated on what has been years of requests. Maybe there's a "super secret" voting protocol that only exists for those willing to blindly stand behind an organization that ignores segments of their user base.
  12. Possibly one of the most lame excuses for an organization to ignore a segment of their user community to perform what is a trivial implementation. As I've discussed at length, this is not a "feature request", it is for EN to fix an oversight on their part on the Mac platform. To date, EN is the only editor that I know of in modern times that does not provide Find/Replace functionality. Seriously, even character mode text editors that date back decades (vi, Emacs, ed) have Find/Replace. As for votes, this forum, along with others, and the years it is still active should be enough to encourage the development team to consider this a high priority. To say that our votes do have an impact is simply not the case. EN has had years to fix this - they made a conscious decision not to for reasons they will not explain. That is the height of arrogance; especially when the implementation is so trivial. As for manpower; are you serious? As a software engineering project, this would considered such low-hanging fruit it would behoove the development team to simply implement it rather than take on the embarrass it continues to bring to the product.
  13. Ticket# 1990313 opened with EN. Will provide updates to this thread as I find out more about: 1. Why this functionality has yet to be implemented after multiple years of requests / demands. 2. Why the EN development team fails to acknowledge this on the forums. It is a clear oversight on their part and they fail to acknowledge it. 3. Over the past year, what other features / patches took higher precedence than implementing the request for Find / Replace. 4. A true date on when Find / Replace will be implemented on the Mac.
  14. @DTLow Why is it that you continue to defend what is absolutely indefensible? For years, Mac users have been asking for one of the most basic functions of any word processing application - Find/Replace. As I've mentioned in previous posts, this is something that can be implemented in less than a week. This is not rocket science. It is inconceivable that EN doesn't have this "easy" task at the top of their priority list. Here is why this is so frustrating to me as a Software Engineer. While EN hasn't officially announced the language / framework used for Mac, I was able to deduce that it is written in Objective-C using the Cocoa framework (possibly with Swift). Keep in mind they are using the native APIs. Multiple years have gone by with NO FEEDBACK FROM EN! When you call, which I have multiple time, they can only say that they are working on it. I could understand a week or even a month since the first feature request, but years? It is a joke. Simply put, if EN doesn't get it together for Mac users, I can see many moving to M$ OneNote. While I'm not the biggest fan of M$, at least their implementation works on the Mac platform. Hey Evernote - GET IT TOGETHER!!! Actually listen to your Mac user base.
  15. You are really taking me back in time! I still remember the first time I used StarOffice in the late 90's. I really tried to like it. Today, all of my documentation is either LaTeX (or Knitr within RStudio) or MS Word. You'll have to let me know what your experience is with OneNote. My first impression was that it provided a great deal of functionality.
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