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  1. I'm seeing 430 MB during usage and about 600 MB right after starting the new Evernote (version 10.4.4, Windows 10). I'm also experienceing more lag. Could somebody explain why Evernote needs so many ressources now and how this might be mitigated? Are there plans to make Evernote more lean again?
  2. I read the whole thread. I just found it really creepy at first. I've since found out why this person was put into the note title. The day before yesterday was his birthday and that's what's in my calendar. But of course I'm not only thinking about his birthday all the time so the auto naming is mostly off. Now I'm not crept out by it anymore but have turned it off anyway.
  3. I hope it's OK to revive this old thread. I've just installed Evernote for Android and I'm seeing the exact same thing. The city name in the title is correct but the person's name isn't. I don't even know how Evernote would guess the person's name because his adress isn't in my contacts. Any suggestions? Souldn't this be reported as a bug?
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