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  1. On 7/20/2018 at 2:27 PM, gazumped said:

    AFAIK clipping goes straight to the server copy of your database,  so your tablet and desktop (which both update from there) are probably trying to sync 1300 new notes up to date.  It could take a while.  Meantime - can you see your clips in a browser via Evernote.com?  Delete duplicates from there to shorten the recovery time for your devices.

    Hello, I did see the multiplied notes in Evernote Web as well, but had no time to delete 1300 notes one by one. I waited until it synces on notebook and then batch deleted them. 

    Yesterday I clipped some research and two notes multiplied - out of about 10. 

    The clipper keeps saving and saving one article. I send the log. Could not acces yesterday logs; I will try by best today



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  2. Hi, I clipped a few articles tomorow evening and they multiplied up to 80 copies of the same.

    I noticed Syncing after Clipping takes longer than usual. 

    Because I have around 1300 new clips instead of about 20, my Evernote desktop freezes after start while Evernote on my tablet still keeps syncing. Via Evernote Web I expunged some notes that made their way to Trash but the cleaning will probably take longer, so I cannot do a test clip now. 
    What else should I do?

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