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  1. To reproduce: Someone sends you an audio clip via iMessage on your iOS 10 phone. I have seen this on an iPhone5 and iPhone6. Hit the info icon (circled i) for the conversation. Hit 'Attachments'. Find your audio message. You can tap it an it plays OK. Then hit the export button (box with up arrow), and send to 'Import with Evernote'. This creates a new note with the .amr file attached, and launches Evernote. Now in Evernote, tap the "Audio Message.amr" attachment. You see the same QuickTime looking screen with a 'play' button (like you saw in iMessage), and the audio scroll bar at the bottom. Oddly, the audio scroll bar is a flat line, and sort of indicates that there's only silent audio content. But the length of the audio file looks right. Press the play button. The play/pause state toggles, but audio does not play. This whole thing worked fine before my "upgrade" to iOS 10. (Had latest iOS 9.x prior to this update). Evernote notes with .amr attachement saved this way under iOS 9.x have ceased playing as they did under iOS 9.x. Please fix!
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