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  1. That app I've tried. And I used it at the time. But now there is a problem with nixnote2. I have opened an issue, and recently another person did the same: https://github.com/baumgarr/nixnote2/issues/420 https://github.com/baumgarr/nixnote2/issues/421
  2. The Evernote web platform is very good. Only that in linux I can not have the edition offline. That is very important to me. 1) When I am in classes I can not make notes, because in my university there is no Wifi in the classrooms. 2) When I want to write on the beach or on the mountain in Evernote and then when I get home I synchronize. I've tried Evernote on MacOS and Windows, and that feature exists. I only keep my Evernote subscription for synchronization with IOS and Android. And for the documents and notes I am analyzing an alternative solution.
  3. I have already seen in community threads, and in other forums that there is no Evernote linux client. On this matter, two points of view: General: Already the number of users who use or want to use Evernote in Linux natively is great. At least, it's my impression in the Arch and Ubuntu forums, as in the social networks on Linux. Many comparisons in articles, podcasts, etc., of note programs and organizers are made against Evernote. Individual: I am a 100% Linux user, for 2 years. And Evernote is an app paradigm within the field. And it is imprencindible to have Evernote in Linux, to be able to work offline with notes, notes and documents attached to my academic and professional work (I am a computer consultant in companies, and administrator of networks in a University). Thank you for your attention.
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