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  1. I opened and closed the program several times in the last couple days trying to get them to go away but they haven't so I've posted here. There should be an option to disable all of these types of notifications permanently.
  2. Yup, done that. One or the other has kept coming back every day. It was installed on Friday. Today was the first day that I saw the one with the "Got It" though, and the original one didn't show up today.
  3. Well by upgrade I mean I downloaded the latest version from evernote.com and installed it. I also found that e-book, but only because I tried googling this problem, I certainly did not sign up for anything of the sort.
  4. I've turned off the notifications in settings, doesn't appear to be any other thing to disable.
  5. Windows. Today I get something different though. Which I also don't want. I just need to know how to turn off all this *****. I didn't get these until I had to upgrade to a new version since my laptop was reimaged.
  6. This pops up every time I open the program, even though I'm closing it. I'm attaching a screenshot. How do I get this to go away? I don't need it and don't want it wasting screen space.
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