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  1. I understand and accept that. There are formatting things you can do in Evernote that can't be captured in Markdown, so those things would get lost when going back to Markdown. I think I would be pretty happy even without true round-trip editing. I just find the Markdown style of input to be efficient. So I have been delighted to discover some Markdown shortcuts that already work in the Evernote editor (7.2 on Mac): Typing "- <space>" or "* <space>" starts a bullet list Typing "1. <space>" starts a numbered list Typing "```<return>" creates a code block Typing "- - - <space>" (three dashes followed by a space) creates a horizontal rule If a few more Markdown-y things were added, I think I would be satisfied: "#", "##", ... header styling Syntax coloring in code blocks Inline code formatting with ` ... ` (text between two backquotes) Don't convert "- -" (two consecutive dashes) to a single en-dash in a code block "> " to start a block quote Paste Markdown text into Evernote and have it be formatted following the Markdown rules
  2. Am I? It lets you gather many disparate forms of information from a variety of sources so they can be organized, annotated, and searched in a unified manner. It provides the same capabilities across multiple different platforms. Users perform many different tasks in Evernote. I believe versatility is one of Evernote's goals. I believe another is efficiency. I think Markdown addresses both of those goals, and would be an extremely effective input and formatting method for a certain class of users.
  3. One of the attractive qualities of Evernote is its one-stop-shopping, everything-under-one-roof nature. Invoking external apps to accomplish specialized tasks is a sensible and necessary division of labor, but one of Evernote's primary tasks is formatting text. Markdown is a highly efficient way to format text. Including it as an intrinsic editing mode would allow many users to better maintain their productive flow state when capturing information in Evernote. I think that's a good justification for its inclusion.
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