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  1. I also prefer yyyy-mm-dd, because it sorts chronologically. Custom formats would be nice, but so would just adding a few more common ones to the existing list of canned formats.
  2. Please add the ability to hide the Notes area! Evernote can hide the little "sidebar" column, which hardly takes up any space anyway. Why not the Notes list?
  3. I understand and accept that. There are formatting things you can do in Evernote that can't be captured in Markdown, so those things would get lost when going back to Markdown. I think I would be pretty happy even without true round-trip editing. I just find the Markdown style of input to be efficient. So I have been delighted to discover some Markdown shortcuts that already work in the Evernote editor (7.2 on Mac): Typing "- <space>" or "* <space>" starts a bullet list Typing "1. <space>" starts a numbered list Typing "```<return>" creates a code block Typing "- - - <space>" (three dashes followed by a space) creates a horizontal rule If a few more Markdown-y things were added, I think I would be satisfied: "#", "##", ... header styling Syntax coloring in code blocks Inline code formatting with ` ... ` (text between two backquotes) Don't convert "- -" (two consecutive dashes) to a single en-dash in a code block "> " to start a block quote Paste Markdown text into Evernote and have it be formatted following the Markdown rules
  4. Am I? It lets you gather many disparate forms of information from a variety of sources so they can be organized, annotated, and searched in a unified manner. It provides the same capabilities across multiple different platforms. Users perform many different tasks in Evernote. I believe versatility is one of Evernote's goals. I believe another is efficiency. I think Markdown addresses both of those goals, and would be an extremely effective input and formatting method for a certain class of users.
  5. One of the attractive qualities of Evernote is its one-stop-shopping, everything-under-one-roof nature. Invoking external apps to accomplish specialized tasks is a sensible and necessary division of labor, but one of Evernote's primary tasks is formatting text. Markdown is a highly efficient way to format text. Including it as an intrinsic editing mode would allow many users to better maintain their productive flow state when capturing information in Evernote. I think that's a good justification for its inclusion.
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