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  1. When I am review notes, I want to be able to know which number that I am reviewing. For example. In notebook 1, tag 1, there are 400 notes in it. as I go to the list to review it. I want to be able to know at which number I am in, out of the 400 notes. as well as how many more I have to go through to reach the end of it. thanks,
  2. Yes, that help a lot! still wish, could use just comma sign, and get going with it thank you very much
  3. did try it but it doesn't work. the list of tag doesn't comes up to choose. but thanks.
  4. I am using note pane, in the evernote in window 10 when i want to few tag to it, i have to click add tag to type again, which is very slow i would prefer to have a shortcut for adding tags(yes, i press ctrl alt t for adding tags, but that way, i can not type and see the tags that already exist) i would ideally prefer to be able to add many tags at the sametime, without lift my hand back n forth in the note pane thanks,
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