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  1. This perhaps should be under a different forum but i have a couple of idéas for a Evernote for Education. A very not so super serious preliminary task force, myself and a few students have looked at this and there are few details that needs to be set up to cover what we need: Bulk creation of Notebooks: In some subjects I need to have a one-to-one notebook where students can post assignments and teachers can give feedback. We need a way to automatically/simply create teacher/student Notebooks for subjects. Bulk creation of other Notebooks, like this years subjects would also be nice. csv file or something would do nicely. A way to manage permissions easily: We need to assign certain people to default on certain Notebooks. One idea is to utilize the existing "Job title" or "Deparment" field to classify users. Perhaps with a dropdown menu of predefined choices: Job title: teacher, student, admin, etc. Department could be labeled "Class". The work chat needs a bell or something, nobody in my group of 18 year olds found that the link for shared notebooks was in the work chat. Sorry if that was your pet project, it just dont work. To summerize. Evernote needs a proper notification system for messages and other important stuff. There are always other ways to go about what i have mentioned but the essense is there: bulk creation, permissions, notifications. Now class, colloquium!
  2. I have an Evernote Business account with 10 members, students. I need to create notebooks for each student for one-to-one communication between teacher (me) and student. When i try to share a notebook with one or more students i have to manually type their email adress to invite them, they do not appear automatically. I want to have access to the people on the "team" so that a simple search yeilds the person in question.
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