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  1. Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts my this issue. I'll try downgrading. (This is really stupid.) Not sure where to find old versions. Need help with a link. Thanks.
  2. Can anyone recommend an alternative to Evernote? It used to be the best thing since sliced bread. Now it seems the developers have abandoned its former staunch supporters. After months of wasting my time trying to follow suggestions on how to actually get something typed into a note with waiting for the endless blue circle and white screens, I'm about give up. Check this, uncheck that -none of this ever helped. (rebuilding indexes, etc, etc, etc.) This is the same on two PC's. I have almost 30,00 notes that I need to access and add to on a daily basis.. I could finish a sandwich by the time I accomplish anything now in Evernote. It used to be snappy, now it's a whale washed up on shore. Too bad, this app is no longer supported by passionate developers. Now, I just have to figure how to get out from under the pile of ineptitude. These are my thoughts. What are yours? -Bill Mozer, A VERY Disappointed Customer
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