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  1. Same here. my iPad Evernote app is in a crash loop that I cannot resolve. iPad is 4th gen with latest iOS 10.0.2. I've tried closing all the apps, deleting Evernote, rebooting the iPad and reinstalling. Upon reinstallation iPad will start to sync notes for about a minute but then crashes. During this time I do not interact with the app at all. Any attempt to relaunch the app results in it crashing within 15 seconds - again with no interaction. I have Evernote on my iPhone 6s as well and it is (so far) okay. Evernote on the web is okay as well and shows correct note content. This may be the final nail in the coffin for me with Evernote. It has noticeably become more buggy over the last few years - to the point I was having anxiety over whether my notes were truly saved and safe. I was a premium user for years but, with the recent price increase, I let my membership expire as I wasn't using it as much. Time for a new note solution?
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