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  1. Hi DTLow - Thanks very much for that mate. Thats helpful. Also, thanks for the tip. I wasn't intending on appending the same note everyday; it was just an example. I want to make sure that any iterations of a note that I rework will not be lost!
  2. Hey guys - Just a quick question about the note 'history' on evernote premium. How far back does my note history go? Could I potentially append a note everyday for several years and have Evernote keep an entire list of every iteration of that note I had ever done? Thanks for your time! James
  3. Text Wrapping is what I was referring to. Pity it is not currently a feature. Thanks for your input
  4. Quick question guys. Is it possible to be able to view the entire evernote note title in the document. If you look at the image that I have attached to this, you will see that the title of the note disappears off the edge of the screen and is only visible if I scroll through the title. Can I change the view so that long titles can be seen in their entirety and not clipped like in the photo example I gave. Thanks for your time!
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