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  1. Hi patnpm, it seems i'm in the same situation, May i hope a premium gift code (even a month) to recover my data. Thanks, Regards. Pierre
  2. Thanks DTLow to answer. a little surprised to have to pay (even a month) to recover data lost by the service not by me.. i'm gonna try to obtain a gift code from patnpm, i hope they will accept..
  3. Hi, Sorry maybe that's not the right place for my problem.. but i didn't find anywhere else to find help. Suddenly a PDF in my note disappeared. (~9 Mo) when i was working in Evernote on my Mac i checked immediatley on the online account and on my other mac : too late Disappears too ! I'm very disappointed and annoyed. Idon't have this PDF elsewhere (it's an important job checklist). I'm an early user of Evernote (2010), i never met this bug. I hope someone in evernote team will help me, i'm very angry, i don't know what to do. Regards,
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