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  1. Yep. There is only one widget in iOS I'll try IFTTT and other automation apps. Thank you for the suggestion
  2. Hi. Sorry for late response. I have checked all menu items and widgets pallette (what do they call this? "Add widgets" screen?), and I couldn't find any alternative form of widget. In iOS, app makers provide their own widgets, we can not choose among various widgets (from various makers) for a certain purpose.
  3. Hi, I usually use evernote widget for fast note taking or searching. Moreover, notes can contain private information, so I don't want any note contents to be displayed in widget. I chose to turn off "Show Notes in Widget / iMessage", but the "Recently viewed notes will appear here" area showed up. I think this area looks ugly. The area in the widget screen is important asset: unnecessary area of one widget can hide part of another widget and it requires (otherwise unnecessary) user scroll when s/he attempts to use this widget, which obstructs fast full-filling of the u
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