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  1. Resetting the email address for incoming notes does not reflect my current account email address. I assume that the format of the email address is <local-part of account email address>.<random string with 7 chars>@m.evernote.com After several resets I'm still getting my old email's local-part (..and the old email is now removed from my account..) showing up in the incoming notes address.
  2. Dragging and dropping files from Google Drive File Stream into Evernote does not appear to work -- at all (nothing happens). Copy and paste produces an 'error: incorrect function'. What I want to happen is for it to basically "Attach File from Google Drive". This should be supported considering the fact that Evernote supports attaching files from Google Drive.
  3. I'll add cell span in the next version. Is this implemented? I can't seem to get it working if it is:
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