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  1. Now I found the solution of Location info not found !! 1-Go to https://evernote.en.uptodown.com/android/old and download Evernote Version 7.2 ( .apk ) 2- Uninstall the lasted update of Evernote because its Set Location in this Version is not working. 3- Install the .apk that you just download. 4- Go to Playstore and disable the Automatic Update until the latest version of Evernote fix the Set Location
  2. Hi , any more help and take the customer easier than this ? We stay in difference time zone that take more time to question and answer while I have detailed you the problem already. You build the application, you know the problem report from customer but i never fell when i can get the solution time. My trust to Evernote is less than from day to day. You know everyday I am selling the Real Estate Management Software to all Real Estate Companies in Cambodia and those agents is recommended to use Evernote Application while it has Location is very important. If you don't fix this on time so I am going to recommend some other substitute applications even we have to pay the same.
  3. Hello Evernote , how to solve the problem ? I tried out of my abilities to test for location.
  4. Hello Evernote Team , Concerning to this Location info not found, on my Android Setting at Location Request I noticed that also not see Evernote anymore. Please help !!
  5. I have removed and set up Evernote again and again but still Location info not found. Evernote may settle this problem as soon as possible because it happened almost a month.
  6. Hello Matt W. Thank for your asking. 1- I am using Evernote Application on OSX El Capitan , now the location also not working too while last time when I created note in my computer it will allow me to get the current location by my Mac GPS. 2- My staff is using Evernote Application on Window 8 & Window 7 , normally the location need to set manually while we create note in computer by preferring to pass Latitude and Longitude. It is nothing change in Window. I have noticed that this happen while Evernote need to catch the current location from internet. Location is very important for me as I am the Real Estate Agency. Thank again for trying to find us the solution. See my attach file.
  7. Hello , I am experiences using Evernote almost 4 years 1- I am sure the GPS is enabled 2- Location Setting is checked. It might not from any setting from my phone because my team Evernote also happen like this the same. Please help because is very important for my daily job. Thank you.
  8. Hello I am from Cambodia, I am using Premium Account of Evernote. I have a problem while taking note but the Location Info Not Found. This problem happened not only on my Android Phone but also all my friends.
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