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  1. "Shared Notes" is simply a trainwreck. The multiple labels for the same thing. Failure to update edited notes for shared users. My partner's iPhone Evernote app shows 5 different versions of "Grocery List." I usually do the shopping, so this isn't life or death, but, 4 of her notes are from 2 years ago... they don't even exist on my application, my iPhone, or on the Evernote web site for my account... Really? Besides that, the only way I could update her grocery list, today, was to remove her from the "shared" toggle, and then add her, again. Seriously? It's no wonder everybody uses Dropbox. L
  2. I can use Evernote at any time, on the Mac, without "signing in" to anything, especially the evrnote site... Today, at the store, I needed to access a simple grocery list that had been synced from the Mac at home. And what happens? I have to login. I realize most of your users probably use the same one or two passwords for everything, but I don't. So, in a state of some time sensitivity I have to open up 1Password on he phone, copy my login ID, reopen Evernote, paste the login ID, close Evernote, reopen 1Password, and do the same copy/paste with my associated ID.... Let me ask
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