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  1. "Shared Notes" is simply a trainwreck. The multiple labels for the same thing. Failure to update edited notes for shared users. My partner's iPhone Evernote app shows 5 different versions of "Grocery List." I usually do the shopping, so this isn't life or death, but, 4 of her notes are from 2 years ago... they don't even exist on my application, my iPhone, or on the Evernote web site for my account... Really? Besides that, the only way I could update her grocery list, today, was to remove her from the "shared" toggle, and then add her, again. Seriously? It's no wonder everybody uses Dropbox. LOL [Edit] Okay, so I had previous versions of "Grocery List" (note) in the Trash in Evernote on my laptop. So, those were still showing up in her Shortcuts and "All Notes." Nice work, guys! But the updated current/working/active/real list/note was (and is) not being updated. These software guys might be "too smart by a half."
  2. I can use Evernote at any time, on the Mac, without "signing in" to anything, especially the evrnote site... Today, at the store, I needed to access a simple grocery list that had been synced from the Mac at home. And what happens? I have to login. I realize most of your users probably use the same one or two passwords for everything, but I don't. So, in a state of some time sensitivity I have to open up 1Password on he phone, copy my login ID, reopen Evernote, paste the login ID, close Evernote, reopen 1Password, and do the same copy/paste with my associated ID.... Let me ask you something, besides "Why?" Does that sound convenient, or intuitive at all? If people have ultra sensitive docs, let them password-protect those docs, or, at the least, let us have the option of accessing our own synced files, on our own devices, without having to send login credentials to "your" servers. How about it?
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