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  1. Thanks! I was going to move to GoodNotes as I wanted the OCR, but wasn't aware EN did OCR for images not pdf's, thanks much.
  2. thanks, the screen shot was from my MacBook and I have "inline" set as the default but I guess that only works if the PDF was clipped? thanks, @DTLow I've got the "view inline" checked now and it shows, but apparently it times out after a few minutes and goes back to the compact view? Am I understanding that correct, I have to do that every single time I want to view a PDF in a note that was not clipped? The note in the screenshot was one written in Notability and then "shared" it to Evernote, so it seems to be compact view whenever the note is "shared." I'm trying to find a good rhythm of taking handwritten notes which are stored in Evernote (especially with the new update to iOS 11 and the Apple Pencil). I really wish the annotation functionality in EN worked more like Notability or Apple Notes so I didn't have to write in an outside app then send to EN. Anyone have a best practice they like for making hand written notes with Apple Pencil within EN? Thanks again. SF
  3. Is there any way to see a PDF automatically expanded within a note? It's obviously reading it since you can see a thumbnail on the card view, but I really need to be able to see PDF's within the note for meetings. Just checking to see if I missed some setting somewhere? Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to import some old Evernote notes that were exported back in 2009-2010 using the html exporter. Is there any way to do this at all? I'm confused as to why you can export in html but you can't go the other way? Without being able to import html these 500+ notes are just stuck, but I also have another app I use that only exports to html and I would really like to find a way that isn't cumbersome to be able to get these notes into EN. I would think EN would want you to be able to import as many things as you want. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. It seems on the notes with distorted images within Mac OSX version that if you make any edit at all, even just a space at the end of the note, the pic just corrects itself to the proper dimensions. Of course I can't go do that to 6,000 notes but that's what I've found through trial and error. Just FYI.
  6. here is a public link to the note example... https://www.evernote.com/l/AAUI-Rz4VPJKLpSFFvm0ZPB2uXkc-h8muCk since it shows correctly in all devices except the Mac OSX version it looks fine when you click on the link and view it via web. Also, I've messed around with a few test notes that were "shared to EN from iOS" and some of them when you mess with the note a while suddenly has the image render in the correct proportions, but I can't figure out what causes it to revert to normal.
  7. Still having problems with the images being distorted when sent from iOS device then viewed on Mac OSX version. Images look fine when viewed on iOS or web app, but really bad on Mac OSX 6.11.1 version?
  8. Still having problems with the images being distorted when sent from iOS device then viewed on Mac OSX version. Images look fine when viewed on iOS or web app, but really bad on Mac OSX 6.11.1 version?
  9. Evernote any update on this issue with the images? I've got a few thousand notes hanging in the balance, would love to know if there is something we can do on our end or if a fix is on the way? @JMichaelTX thanks for the suggestion about dropbox that I can do.
  10. unfortunately this is what I see on my end, 0.49MB... and it's about impossible to post a file in that size that contains a photo (I tried to compress but it still didn't getting small enough)
  11. @JMichaelTX thanks for the suggestions, once I realized it was distorted only in the Mac view I didn't touch any of the notes affected. I'm using iOS 8.2.2 and of course OSX 6.11.1 so I didn't think about it as a possible issue with the iOS. Thanks for your suggestion to attach the ENEX file, I tried but it wouldn't let me upload the file because they were all over the max .49mb file size total (i even tried to compress the file) because of the image I'm guessing. If there is another way to upload the file I'll be happy to do so. SF
  12. I am getting images like this now on my Mac version since updating for all entries that were "shared" from my iOS device to Evernote. I have a few THOUSAND notes that this affected, PLEASE tell me there is a fix for this? I am systematically moving all my DayOne App entries to Evernote little at a time (have 7,000+ entries over there) so all my data is in one area, but now all the entries have corrupted photos like this? My text seems fine, it's just the photos that are completely distorted. These images render correctly on my iOS devices, and on the Chrome web version of EN, but none on my Mac. Please help, thanks. SF
  13. I just started utilizing templates in a big way and then realized that when I edit a note on an iOS device it will resize every column when I go back to the desktop version? I am using Evernote's published "calendar" templates because I thought compatibility would be the highest with those. Is this is the same issue in this thread or am I doing something wrong in the setup of these templates? Thanks.
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