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  1. I have 3 days left on my Revo Pro trial so I used it to uninstall, restart, and reinstall. Same old thing, tiny font. (I created another fresh account) I'm out of ideas at this point. I don't know who I should be asking. It is only a problem in Evernote and no other programs/apps.
  2. I have been all through the Windows settings and I got nowhere. The font size in every other program/app is unaffected. It's only in Evernote but it can't be Evernote itself. I don't know where to begin finding the right source to troubleshoot this issue.
  3. I created an account from scratch and imported my notebooks and there was the same tiny font. I copied everything into a word doc to paste into a new Evernote account. I created another account and without importing anything, the brand new account had the same tiny font. Obviously, this is not a prob within Evernote, but an issue with my laptop or Windows 10. Any ideas? Thanks kev
  4. Thank you, Robert. I'm afraid that did not work. I tried it checked and unchecked with restarts in between. It seems that I need to create a new account with a different email address so I can get away from this recurring. Can I accomplish that WITHOUT changing the email address to my account? Can I import the database to a new account so I don't lose any of my notes? Thank you. kev
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, gazumped. Unfortunately, as soon as the new install was opened, it still showed the Left Panel and Note List remained with tiny fonts. This is how it happened in the first place, uninstalling, downloading, and reinstalling. I should mention that following your instructions, the menu showed the same tiny font. Also, the databases were automatically imported when the new install was opened. Is that normal because I used the same login info as always? Thanks kev
  6. Hello, all. Since a recent reinstall, my font size is tiny and I can't find where to adjust it. It is not in the Note Panel but in the Left Panel and Note List. Please advise if you can. Thanks
  7. How do I return to lines of text that align all the way to the left? I'm entering text in a note in an outline format. After each line, I hit Tab once and begin the next line to the right of the start of the line above. When I am ready for a new entry and wish to have the first line of text start back all the way to the left, I have been able to do this by hitting Return and then Backspace a few times. This has always put me to the left and I could continue adding lines in my outline format. Then today, that action has stopped working. Trying to start a new section below an outl
  8. Thank you sir. It was as easy as clicking "restore defaults". Take care. Kevin
  9. When I select some text from any kind of open window, Word doc, browser, bookmarks etc. I can cut and copy with right clicks or keyboard shortcuts and as soon as I do, a GUI pops up in the bottom right of the screen very briefly, but long enough to know something's just happened. Next, where the problem lies, is if I right click and paste the text will populate just as it should. However, if I try the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+v, to paste it does not respond by placing the copied text. Later, when I was in Evernote, I found a dozen notes that were exactly what was cut or copied and it happened i
  10. I don't understand. Do you mean the note window in Evernote or in this forum because my screen shots are here. If you mean in Evernote, why would I choose attach files? My issue is with the automatic clipping in any window I have open.
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