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  1. Hi! I am using the latest Beta, and a few days ago a very strange thing happened: Somehow, while running Evernote Helper, if I press letter "a" Evernote hijacks the keypress, and performs some form of clipping. I checked my keyboard shortcuts, and removed them all just to make sure — the problem still persists. I went through my OS-X shortcuts — same thing. The only way to return "a" key to the Operating System is to fully quit Evernote (via the Helper menu). Note that "Shift—a" works fine. Only the lower cased letter "a" causes the clipping (and the clipped note contains nothing at all: no text, no images, so I have no idea what it is that it's clipping. Any help is much appreciated! Here is my preferences window, and then a clipping dialog after pressing letter "a":
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