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  1. In fact this is the feature i miss in evernote. I waitied and hesitated more than six months to move from OneNote to Evernote only because Evernote does not have this feature. But due to OneNotes non-userfirendly mobile app, finally i had to move to Evernote. Since then I have been longing for this feature. Now, the moment I get this from RELANOTE, I will defintely jump out unless Evernote bring this Sub-Folder features very quickly.
  2. Hi, I was a OneNote user for few years. I was doing all good with it for whatever purposes I was using it but then problem started with "signing in" once I had to change my password with Microsoft account and it took away peace from my life. I had to look for other ways and I came to know about Evernote. It took my breath away what I found in Evernote. First attraction was, it is user friendly and then many other wonderful features which comes so handy unlike OneNote, one of the greatest which I must mention is using EverNote in android is so much easier than OneNote which takes longer time to
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