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  1. In fact this is the feature i miss in evernote. I waitied and hesitated more than six months to move from OneNote to Evernote only because Evernote does not have this feature. But due to OneNotes non-userfirendly mobile app, finally i had to move to Evernote. Since then I have been longing for this feature. Now, the moment I get this from RELANOTE, I will defintely jump out unless Evernote bring this Sub-Folder features very quickly.
  2. Hi, I was a OneNote user for few years. I was doing all good with it for whatever purposes I was using it but then problem started with "signing in" once I had to change my password with Microsoft account and it took away peace from my life. I had to look for other ways and I came to know about Evernote. It took my breath away what I found in Evernote. First attraction was, it is user friendly and then many other wonderful features which comes so handy unlike OneNote, one of the greatest which I must mention is using EverNote in android is so much easier than OneNote which takes longer time to load pages. So, overwhelmed by it's first look, I started my honeymoon with EverNote for quite a while and then I wake up from Evernote dream, really. Anyways, instead of going to describe those stories, I will straight put forward 2 requests to add in Evernote. 1. 3/4 layer of folders (notebooks) to add under the notebooks. Example: Name of one notebook is, "Resources". Then under that notebook I want to create another notebooks named, "Audios", "Videos" "PDF", "Texts". Upto this is already existed in current EverNote. What I want is the ability to add the next layers of Notebooks under each of those Note books. Such as, under "Audios", I would now like to add "English Audios", "Arabic Audios" etc. Then after that I want to add more notebooks under these notebooks. For example, Under "English Audios", I would now like to add notebooks "Mr X" , "Mr. Y". I hope this clears what I need. 2. After the 4th layer of Notebooks in a far left pane. Now I am adding notes under "Mr X" notebooks. Say, I have 200 notes under that notebook. What I further want is, categories those 200 notes into 10 groups under a title for each. Then here is the most important one. I want to be able to expand or collapse those notes that I put under 10 groups using a pull down menu. So, when I collapse those groups, I can only see the main groups by their title, (by doing this, individual notes are not appeared in my eyes to distract me). Then, this is a bonus request though, If possible adding another layer of grouping under those groups of Notes which already contains 20 notes under each. I want to group it further with a collapsible and expandable menu. As for it's location, this is the second pane in the evernote. I hope I made it clear. I would really would look forward for these features to be added in EverNote, so that I can get peace in life again and therefore, I won't go back to OneNote often to try if the password problem is solved or not. Because Once I get that problem solved, I will surely go back to OneNote. But I also promise, if EverNote solves me with these 2 features that I requested I will continuously be using EverNote and I will be a great advocate for Evernote InShaaAllah. Thank you so much guys for developing such a great app. I already owe too much gratitude to you all.
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