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  1. This thread just made my day! I had no idea that hidden "Classic Link" feature existed. I had stopped posting Evernote links in other apps and pretty much figured they didn't work anymore outside of the Evernote app (since they don't). But now they work again! Upvoted this request but really just happy to find there's a workaround at all!!!
  2. I hate this change sooo much. I import dozens of notes a day into a shared inbox and this just added a step to organizing and cataloging every single one of them. Booo. Going to go open another ticket. For now I'm just letting the notes pile up hoping it will get changed before I have to move them all and dismiss hundreds of useless alerts. Edit: Ticket #2416079 submitted
  3. I am having this issue with Preview and any type of file, including images. Just trying to crop images that the mobile app didn't handle correctly by editing them in Preview from the Mac app. Is there any other way to do that now in Sierra? Or do I have to export every image, crop and save it, and then re-create all these notes?
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