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  1. I loved Evernote back in the day, but the last couple years there were so many critical bugs in the Windows App version that it was almost unusable (really silly and fixable stuff like disappearing mouse cursors). It got so bad that I stopped my subscription. The recent updates have fixed almost all of the problems. THANK YOU. I re-started my subscription the moment I saw the problems were fixed. Thanks for keeping the Windows version up to date. This is such a power platform, and I'm very grateful that you're continuing to make it better. Thanks
  2. Yeah, sure. I write a lot, I always have. I keep notebooks in the real world and I keep evernote notebooks on the internet. I used to write notes in notepad or MS Word. But notepad has serious limitations, and Word is slow and filled with too much fluffy accouterments for my needs. I don't want to wait 30 seconds for a program to load, just to write a note. Then have that note saved in a random place on a hard drive. With evernote, I can create notes on the fly, on any device. The notes are always saved in one place. The notes are saved with every keystroke. They are backed-up
  3. I've written a couple of novels in evernote. It's the only software I trust for work which exceeds a certain length. I don't like the process of using Word or Open Office, then saving something to google drive. And I don't like Google Docs editor. It's too cumbersome. I like a simple text editor like Evernote. Evernote is really the best software I've ever used for writing. It's ideal for notes and longer pieces. And research, and clippings and bibliographies. It's just perfect. But the cursor thing is annoying. It's a bug. Anyway, I read back what I wrote in my first c
  4. Firstly, I am discussing the Windows Evernote platform. I'll start by saying that I love Evernote, and I've been a premium user for a while. But there are some basic things that irk me about the text editor. Things which should have never been an issue inside a basic text editor. A text editor is something that is easy to get right. Just look at Notepad. Notepad is easy to use and never tries to be anything other than Notepad. So, why is it that when I hit CTRL-F to find something in a document - and the search window appears - and I hit ESC to exit the search window, does the c
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