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  1. Fantastic app - the most practical on my iphone. One suggestion - if I touch on a document in the pane, intending to send it, after selecting "Send"the default is that all the scanned documents sitting in Scannable are selected and one has to select "Deselect All". Intuitively one would select "Send" and then either "Mail" or "Share", which is what I do every time. If I have 50 different documents scanned in, this default results in a delay while the app gets ready to send a zillion bytes of data. I would like to suggest that the default setting be that just the one doc is auto selected, with the option being to "Select All" if you want to send all at once - it's just a simple switch around. Maybe most people like it as it is - but it's the only very small frustration I have using the app. I scan many business documents and receipts during the week and then on the weekend do filing. The I send each doc at a time to drop box. Still the best app yet though... thanks Hilton
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