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  1. Came here because I had a new work computer, downloaded Evernote and bam, what is this cr@p? I tried the v10 beta previously and found it severely lacking. Now it's a severely lacking general release. Where is the preference/options menu even? How can I set things like creating a new note automatically opening it in a separate window, and having the cursor be active in the Title bar and not the note body? Where's the ability to customise my tool bar? I don't care for the fancy looking home page you created... I use it for work and personal use, and at work I'll only be in my work folder, I won't ever see the fancy home screen. And the bugs... Annotate a few photos and suddenly the next photo is huge ass AND out of place, covering the entire side bar.... I can't live with this!
  2. Arghs seriously, please support HEIC already! Sometimes adding images from my iOS evernote works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it works, but when I copy the image to another note, it shows up as an attachment instead of an image. It's frustrating as hell!
  3. Gosh. Still not implemented on the desktop client yet? Come on guys, I don't need a whole revamp, just some basic features...!
  4. +1 to this. Is this really all that hard to implement? Just let us have an option when we right click on a picture to set it as the thumbnail image. This makes searching and locating my notes much easier!!! I love evernote but the speed at which basic updates/features are implemented is appalling!
  5. Is this feature still not implemented? I really would prefer just the first line of the note as title... Otherwise what? Type it twice on mobile? I don't understand why this isn't available on ios when it's on Windows and Mac. Having Evernote suggest titles isn't useful for me. All my notes end up titled the same "Note from XXX place"...
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